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In 2018, Alex Martin was living in Savannah, Georgia, where he started making science videos on YouTube, interviewing passerby on the sidewalk about a variety of scientific topics. The interview videos evolved into a table of science experiments, the foundation of Sidewalk Science Center.

Now based in Bradenton & Sarasota, Florida, SSC now encompasses science experiments, environmental education, and astronomy on the sidewalk. Off the sidewalk, SSC partners with local organizations to provide experiences at camps, community events, and back-to-school nights. We also offer at-home private programs, bringing the cosmos to your backyard, or turning the neighborhood kids into a team of scientists testing variables and getting messy.


We've traveled all around Florida, up and down the east coast United States, and even out to Denver, Colorado. In the future, we plan to open Sidewalk Science Centers all around the state, then the country, and finally, the world.


Science is everywhere, and we'll be there to guide you in exploring your curiosity.

Where We've Been

Discover our past and present Sidewalk Science Center locations

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