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We have submitted our application for 501(c)(3) federal exemption status

by Alex Martin

Executive Director

Sidewalk Science Center recently celebrated its 5 year anniversary. We spent a few months simply as a busking/street performance art in Savannah, before organizing as an LLC in Florida (under a different company name). It wasn't until September 14, 2022 that we incorporated as a Florida-recognized nonprofit, and have been using 2023 to build up our revenue and financial profile. On Tuesday, July 25th, we officially submitted our application for the 501(c)(3) federally recognized tax-exempt status!

Now we wait.

The expected timeline to hear from the IRS is 6-18 months. What matters is we've built up our financial profile, we have a viable means of recruiting and retaining educators, and we've established firm partnerships to increase our impact through Manatee & Sarasota counties, and more recently, Pinellas and Polk counties.

Sidewalk Science Center continues to stand at the forefront of informal educational outreach within public spaces throughout Sarasota and Bradenton. We still see the potential for SSC to become a state-wide, nation-wide, and global organization performing educational outreach, combatting pseudoscience, and building greater trust in scientific expertise and institutions. Our long-term vision is to train and employ tens-of-thousands of educators and communicators in the United States, and millions around the world, who will bring science and education to public spaces via our free Sidewalk Science Centers each week, as well as work with private families and partner organizations to scale up the impact of our educational activities.

Thank you for continuing to stand by SSC as we move forward and take these steps to build our organization and provide greater and more reliable access to educational resources in public spaces.

To all our endeavors,


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