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  • Stargazing and Astroimaging Redefined: Celestron Origin is an intelligent, all-in-one home observatory that captures stunning views of faint, deep-sky celestial objects and delivers them to your phone or tablet. The images you capture in seconds look better than what you’d see in the eyepiece of a much larger telescope under much darker skies.
  • Revolutionary RASA Optical Technology: Origin’s patented 6” Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph (RASA) optical design places it in a class by itself. With its large aperture and fast f/2.2 focal ratio, you get unparalleled image brightness and clarity with less exposure time.
  • Automatic, AI-powered Astrophotography:As Origin captures data, built-in AI algorithms autonomously stack and process every frame in real-time. Galaxies and nebulae instantly come to life—sharp, detailed, and in brilliant color—all with no user intervention.
  • Automated Setup with StarSense: To get started, place Origin outside, turn it on, and connect to the app. Using Celestron’s patented StarSense technology, Origin scans the sky and autonomously focuses and aligns itself. You’re ready to select a target and start imaging in less than two minutes.
  • Intuitive App Interface: The user-friendly Celestron Origin app for iOS and Android, developed in partnership with Simulation Curriculum, the makers of SkySafari™, offers a simple yet powerful planetarium interface, making it easy to navigate the sky and control the system.
  • Share the View with Everyone: Multiple users can use the Origin app to view the telescope’s live feed simultaneously. You can also cast the view to your smart TV or save and share it instantly.
  • Advanced Features: As you grow in the hobby, download the raw image files you capture for more advanced manual processing. You can also experiment with filters and use Origin for night-vision or land-based observing during the day.

Celestron Origin Intelligent Home Observatory

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